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Elite Screens

Elite Screens Sable Frame StarBright 9

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Estimated Ship Date: Apr 20, 2024 - Apr 23, 2024

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Elite Screens Sable Frame StarBright 9

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Estimated Ship Date: Apr 20, 2024 - Apr 23, 2024

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A New Dawn in Display: Elite Screens Sable Frame StarBright 9

Indulge in a cinematic sensation, tailor-made for both cozy and luminous rooms. The Elite Screens Sable Frame StarBright 9 is designed to ensure a brilliant display no matter the lighting conditions. Experience strikingly clear visuals, sans the typical washout experienced with conventional screens.

StarBright 9: A Game-Changer

  • Crisp Even in Light: The screen effectively blocks out ambient light, offering clarity even in well-lit rooms.
  • ISF Certified: Assures optimal video performance, validated by the revered Imaging Science Foundation.
  • High-Contrast Brilliance: Distinguishes between the finest hues, maximizing color saturation and contrast.
  • Uniform Display: Say goodbye to distractions. Revel in uniformity, without color shifts or dark corners.

Dive into visuals that sing, resonate, and enchant. Why wait? Embrace the StarBright revolution.


  • StarBright 9 offers superior off-axis performance with a broad viewing angle.
  • Active micro-filters block 95% of overhead and lateral ambient light.
  • Layers are skillfully integrated to heighten contrast and dynamic range.
  • Resilient and easy to clean, designed for longevity.
  • Optimized for 4K/8K Ultra HD and HDR.
  • Backed by ISF for accurate color dynamics and temperature.
  • Choose from multiple diagonal size options tailored for diverse aspect ratios.


Screen Material

  • StarBright 9 material has a wide viewing angle that reflects a bright image across the entire surface for superior off-axis performance
  • Active micro-structural filters absorb 95% of ambient light from above and below
  • Diffusion layers enhance color contrast and black/white dynamic range performance
  • Wide diffusion uniformity across the entire screen surface without color shift, texture, shimmer, hot-spotting, dark corners and other distracting artifacts
  • Scratch-resistant material is easy to clean
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, HDR Ready for high resolution projectors and content
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for accurate color points, dynamic range, and color temperature
  • Available in diagonal sizes: 106” and 122” in 16:9 or 156” in 2.40:1 aspect ratio

Design & Installation

  • 2.3” wide aluminum frame with hand-wrapped velveteen surface provides an elegant finish while absorbing projector overshoot
  • Spring and grommet attachment system allows for an easy installation with a clean, smooth projection surface
  • Lightweight split-frame design is cost effective for shipping and provides easy access to install sites
  • Assembles and installs in minutes
  • Sliding wall mounts ensure precision on-axis alignment

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