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Elite Screens

Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series

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Estimated Ship Date: Apr 20, 2024 - Apr 23, 2024

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Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series

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Estimated Ship Date: Apr 20, 2024 - Apr 23, 2024

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Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series: Audio-Visual Mastery

Unleash an audio-visual spectacle like never before. The Elite Screens Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series is a seamless blend of sound transparency and high-definition projection. Every moment becomes an immersive experience as visuals dazzle and sound flows effortlessly through the screen, bringing your entertainment to life.

Why It’s the Ultimate Screen Choice:

  • Sound Perfection: Allows flawless sound passage without any loss of quality.
  • Visually Stunning: Vibrant and sharp imaging ensures an unforgettably vivid viewing.
  • Smart Integration: Wireless controls make operation a breeze.
  • Versatile Design: Ensures perfect alignment regardless of room structure.
  • Seamless Performance: A tab-tension design guarantees a consistently flat display.

Discover a new era of entertainment. Elevate your viewing and auditory experience today.


  • AcousticPro UHD provides 1.0 Gain, ensuring clear and sharp images.
  • Wide 180° viewing angle for inclusive viewing.
  • Optimized for Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR.
  • Exclusive to standard throw projectors.
  • Black borders enhance visual contrast.


Screen Material

  • AcousticPro UHD 1.0 Gain perforated weave acoustically transparent front projection material
  • 180° wide viewing angle
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
  • Compatible with Standard Throw projectors ONLY
  • Standard black masking borders
  • Available in the following range of diagonal sizes:
    • 100" - 180" in 16:9 format

Design and Installation

  • Flush hidden wall mounts allow screen to slide horizontally for proper centering
  • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat projection surface
  • Curved aluminum enamel black case with parallel grooves
  • Extra top black masking border for high ceiling installations
  • Plug & Play ready, no hardwire installation required
  • Mounting hardware kit included for wall or ceiling installation

Control System

  • Internal Radio Frequency/Infrared receivers with IR, RF remotes included
  • Detachable 3-way wall switch keypad for UP/STOP/DOWN manual operation
  • Wireless 5-12 volt trigger included
  • RJ45 port allows 3rd party control system integration

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