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Elite Screens

Elite Screens Evanesce AcousticPro UHD

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Estimated Ship Date: Feb 27, 2024 - Mar 01, 2024

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Elite Screens Evanesce AcousticPro UHD

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Estimated Ship Date: Feb 27, 2024 - Mar 01, 2024

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Introducing Elite Screens Evanesce AcousticPro UHD

Experience a cinematic journey with the Evanesce AcousticPro UHD Series. It's an in-ceiling electric screen that pairs seamlessly with your decor. The acoustically transparent front lets you place speakers behind it, enhancing both sound and visuals.

Why Choose the Evanesce AcousticPro UHD?

  • Sound Mastery: Place speakers behind the screen for an immersive audio experience.
  • Crystal Clear Viewing: Enjoy 4K Ultra HD and active 3D visuals.
  • Sleek Design: Recessed in-ceiling setup for clutter-free aesthetics.
  • Smooth Operation: Synchronize the screen with your projector effortlessly.

Craving a theater-like experience? Elevate your setup with the Evanesce AcousticPro UHD today!


  • 180° wide-angle view with consistent image quality.
  • Designed for Standard Throw projectors only.
  • Permanently tight-tensioned for a flawless surface.
  • Available in multiple sizes for diverse setups.


Screen Material

  • AcousticPro UHD sound transparent projection material allows speaker placement behind the material
  • 180° wide viewing angle with 1.0 gain
  • Wide diffusion uniformity
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
  • Compatible with Standard Throw projectors ONLY
  • Perforated weave design stretches over frame for a permanently tight-tensioned flat surface
  • Available in the following diagonal sizes:
    • 106″, 126″ and 140″ in 16:9 format

Design and Installation

  • Disappearing recessed in-ceiling design for non-dedicated media rooms
  • Below and above ceiling access installation design (IHOME140H2-E6-AUHD installs ONLY from above)
  • Integrated ceiling projection screen ships fully assembled, ready to install
  • Aluminum housing with white finish (RAL9003) is strong and moisture resistant
  • Installation kit included

Control System

  • Includes handheld Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remote controls, and a wall box controller for manual on-wall operation.
  • User-friendly programmable vertical drop position for easy installation(RC1 Version Only)
  • Wall box controller is detachable for a clean look while maintaining RF & IR functionality
  • Built-in selectable channels allow one RF remote programming to control multiple screens and prevent interference(RC1 Version Only)
  • 12v trigger feature allows the screen’s UP/DOWN operation to synchronize with the projector’s power cycle
    • Wired 12v trigger capability via wall box controller(RC1 Version Only)
    • Wireless 12v trigger capability via Radio Frequency remote control


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