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Get Your Cook On: With Your Luxury Outdoor Fire Pit or Fire Table

January 04, 2023 3 min read

Get Your Cook On: With Your Luxury Outdoor Fire Pit or Fire Table

Was randomly walking today and a question pop in my head: Can you cook food using an outdoor fire pit or table? I knew the answer was yes but I wonder how the fuel type would impact its flavors and if it would do damage to my fire pit or fire table.

Can You Cook Using Any Outdoor Fire Pit or Fire Table?

In general, yes you can cook using any outdoor fire pit or fire table. Caveat - as long as it is properly set up and maintained. The larger the fire pit or table, the easier it will be to use to cook. Depending on fuel type, you will get a different flavor and duration in cook time. Lastly, some fire pits and fire tables actually come with cooking surfaces and accessories that are for cooking.

Will Cooking On Outdoor Fire Pit Damage My Fire Pit?

It may cause some wear and tear to the surface of the fire pit or table. Make sure to clean the cooking surface after each use to prevent build-up of food leftovers.

You also want to be careful and avoid spilling and splattering of foods and oils. There are tools to help with this.


What Tools Are There To Prevent Food From Damaging My Fire Pit?

Nothing fancy.

  • Grill grates will keep food from dripping down into the fire pit or table. It is a metal grid that sits above the heat source in a fire pit or fire table and provides a surface for cooking food.
  • Grill toppers will prevent small or thin foods (yes you asparagus!) from falling through the grill grate. It can be placed over the grill grate to create a non-stick cooking surface.
  • Grill mats are similar to grill toppers aside from the material. Grill toppers are made of metal and grill mats are made of some flexible material (like Teflon or silicone). It can be placed on top of the grill grate to create a non-stick cooking surface.
  • Foil packets can be used to enclose the food while it is cooking, which would prevent food and oils to drip out and on to your precious fire pit.

What Can I Cook On My Outdoor Fire Pit and Fire Table?

You can basically cook anything that you cook on a grill or fire. Fire is fire. You can grill meat, vegetables, corn on the cob, pizza, smores, the world is your oyster.

Note on the pizza, it cooks fast - don't let it burn!


Will The Taste Change Based On My Outdoor Fire Pit Fuel Type (Wood, Gas or Electric)?

Yes, similar to BBQ grills - your food will differ in taste based on the fuel type of your fire pit.

  • Wood Fire Pits can impart a smoky flavor to your food.
  • Gas Fire Pits won't produce as much smoky favor.
  • Electric Fire Pits won't affect the taste since no smoke.

Will The Cook Time Change Based On My Outdoor Fire Pit Fuel Type (Wood, Gas or Electric)?

Generally, yes. The cook time will differ based on fuel type because of how the fire is produced.

  • Wood Fire Pits will take longer to reach cooking temperatures. You also have to watch the fire to keep it at a consistent temperature.
  • Gas Fire Pits may take a slight bit longer than electric fire pit. Not sure if we want to get into the science behind this but it takes the gas a bit longer to produce that heat to cook our food.
  • Electric Fire Pit will likely be the fastest from the three.

This is under the assumption that the fire pits or fire tables are the same size, using same accessories, same weather conditions, and same cook.


Fire Pits are for multi-use. It creates a nice and warm ambiance. It provides you heat. Lastly, it provides you with food. It is worth that investment. Check out our premium luxury outdoor fire pits and fire tables in all shapes and sizes. You do not want to miss out!