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About Us



At Amplify Your Home, our journey began in the wake of COVID, a time when our homes became our world. Inspired by the need to redefine our living spaces, we first turned our eyes outdoors, creating sanctuaries in our backyards where memories could be made and cherished. Our founder, driven by a passion for making the most of every space – whether it's because stores weren't pug-friendly or just a love for the great outdoors – realized the potential of every corner of our homes.

As the world evolved, so did we. The "new norm" of remote and hybrid work has transformed how we view our homes once again, particularly our workspaces. Amplify Your Home's vision is now set on revolutionizing these spaces. We're not just about extending your home beyond four walls; we're about enhancing every part of it. Your home office isn't just a necessity; it's a sanctuary for creativity, productivity, and personal well-being.

We believe in a holistic approach to your home. It's about striking the perfect balance between functionality and comfort, both indoors and out. Our curated collection of luxury home products - from saunas to espresso machines and beyond - is designed to elevate your home experience.

Our commitment:

  • Holistic & High-Quality: Every product we select is about making your home uniquely yours, ensuring a balance of luxury and practicality.
  • Original & Optimized: We go beyond traditional boundaries, offering innovative solutions to enhance your productivity and comfort.
  • Memorable Moments: Whether it's a backyard gathering or a day at your home office, we're here to make every moment in your home special.
  • Elevate & Easy: Shopping for luxury home and office goods should be a seamless experience. We organize our products by interest and need, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for.

Join us at Amplify Your Home as we continue to evolve, embracing the changes life brings, and helping you do the same. Explore, shop, and transform your space into a haven of productivity and personal expression. You deserve it!