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About Us


Amplify Your Home is inspired by the aftermath of COVID. A new norm had emerged. We were stuck inside our houses -- looking for ways to escape and find meaning again. Life doesn't have to happen indoors. My best memories were outside (maybe because many stores didn't allow pugs in; which forced me to build a sweet backyard set up).

It then hit me.

My backyard turned into my home -- something that gave me an escape -- something that defined who I was. I spent hours piecing together furniture and products from hundreds of websites. It shouldn't be that hard.

At Amplify Your Home, we strive to inspire and elevate your concept of home anywhere and everywhere you go.

We believe in:

  • Holistic & High-Quality: Striking the right balance to make your home be yours.
  • Original & Outside Beyond 4 Walls: Extend your home to create new experiences.
  • Memorable Moments: Gather, share and relax in a home you personalized.
  • Elevate & Easy: Luxury goods and products organized by interest in one place.

Shop around. You deserve it!