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How to Prep Your Yard for a Swing Set: Preparing the Ground and Surroundings

September 01, 2023 3 min read

How to Prep Your Yard for a Swing Set: Preparing the Ground and Surroundings

Buying and installing a swing set might be a dream come true for your little ones. You can set up a safe and fun play area for them and even join them while playing. 

But before you go shopping for a swing set, there are a few things you must think about. Read this article to learn how to prep your yard for a swing set for safe installation.

How to Prep Your Yard for a Swing Set

Proper play set installation guarantees your child’s safety, and you can also rest assured knowing that no strangers are approaching them in a public park. 

But first, you should ensure your backyard is ready for the swing set. Here’s what you should do.

Choose the right Spot

The piece of land you choose to set up the swing set should be clear of trees and bushes. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the swing set should be at least six feet away from nearby structures like sheds and fences.

You should also think about the swing set's height and ensure it’s away from overhanging branches and power cables. You should also ensure that the spot you’ve picked is free of irrigation sprinklers.

Finally, remember that the primary purpose of buying a swing set is to provide your kids with a safe play area. So, think about the spot’s visibility and how well you can see your little ones through the living room or kitchen windows.

Make Sure That the Ground Is Level

Your swing set won’t be safe to use when the ground isn't level. Moreover, installing the swing on unlevel ground voids the warranty. This is why you should avoid holes, rocky spots, or placing the set on a sidewalk.

Stake the area where you want to set up the swing set and use a string level to determine where you should adjust the ground. The simplest way to level the ground is to remove the grass using a shovel. If the ground is too low, you can add sand or soil.

After that, you should use a rake to spread the topsoil. An even layer of topsoil will help you prepare the swing set for installation. So, use a tamper to compact the soil. 

Install a Shock Absorbing Surface

You can use several materials to absorb shocks in case your little one falls off the swing. Each material has pros and cons, but most people use rubber mulch or wood mulch because they absorb shocks well. You can also use sand because it’s affordable.

Follow the Instructions

Make sure that you’re following the proper installation instructions to set up the swing set properly. Use the suitable bolts and nuts, and ensure they’re all tightened up before you allow your kids to use the swings. 

Test the Swings

Check the swing set for any squeaking or swaying. If it feels unstable, you can weigh it down using support beams or sandbags.

Wrap Up

Buying a swing set for your kids will make them thrilled, and you can enjoy your peace of mind knowing that they’re safe at home. But you have to ensure you’ve picked the right spot before installing the swing. 

Make sure that the ground is free of all obstacles and that it’s away from nearby structures. It should also be level before you start the installation.