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What Are the Alternatives to Traditional Swing Sets? 6 Innovative Play Structures

September 01, 2023 2 min read

What Are the Alternatives to Traditional Swing Sets? 6 Innovative Play Structures

If you want some outdoor fun for your children, you’ve probably considered installing a swing set, but you may think it’s too risky. So what are the alternatives to traditional swing sets?

Keep reading if you’re trying to find a more innovative way for your kids to enjoy outdoor summer fun. This article provides six innovative play structures that make great alternatives to traditional swing sets.

   1. A Playhouse with Slides

Build your kids the ideal fort that they can enjoy at all ages. A playhouse can be a fantastic setting for playing, entertaining friends, or even studying.

Add some slides to make it even more fun. That way, the playhouse will capture the attention of your younger ones.

   2. A Monkey Wall

A monkey wall can be an easy DIY project that adds a touch of fun to your space. It gives your children an enriching climbing experience that develops their balance, agility, and muscle strength.

You can also color them for a more attractive look. That’s an environmentally friendly idea that enables the recycling of used tires. You can use different sizes to suit your kids at different ages.

   3. A Play Tower

If you have an active child who isn’t interested in swinging, a play tower can be an excellent choice for you. It typically combines more than one activity. 

For instance, your kids can enjoy wall or rope climbing. Some play towers also include sandboxes or slides. That way, a play tower caters to children of different ages.

   4. Bounce House

That’s a versatile option that you can go for if you have children of different tastes. When your kids get bored of simply bouncing inside this structure, you may add some balls to turn it into a ball pit or even add water for extra summer fun.

The only catch here is that a bounce house is only appealing to younger children. Therefore, you might need to change it as they grow older.

   5. Geometric Dome Climber

A geometric dome climber is an innovative play structure made of bolts, tubes, and nuts. It provides an opportunity for active fun that appeals to children of all ages.

It’s often made of sturdy materials that don’t require much maintenance. In addition, it comes in different colors and sizes that cater to kids of all ages.

   6. Seesaws

Seesaws, or teeter-totters, are another classic play structure you can add to your yard instead of traditional swing sets. It’s fun for children and adults alike. 

Your kids can enjoy it from the age of two upward. Seesaws are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood. You can even build one yourself if you’re handy with wood.


Wondering what are the alternatives to traditional swing sets?

Fortunately, there are several innovative play structures that can be even more fun for your children than swing sets.

Depending on your kids’ age and skills, you can choose to install a playhouse with slides, a play tower, a monkey wall, a bounce house, a geometric dome climber, or a seesaw.

Regardless of your budget and space limitations, you can still find an alternative to traditional swing sets.