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Medical Breakthrough

Medical Commercial Spa 489Plus

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Estimated Ship Date: Aug 02, 2024 - Sep 01, 2024

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Medical Commercial Spa 489Plus

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Estimated Ship Date: Aug 02, 2024 - Sep 01, 2024

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Revolutionize Wellness with the Commercial 489 Medical Spa: The Ultimate in Health, Comfort, and Community

Experience the revolutionary Commercial 489 Medical Spa, the first commercial spa endorsed by over 48 medical professionals. This cutting-edge sauna is designed to deliver instant pain relief, enhance blood flow, and improve sleep quality. Ideal for daily use, it promises to boost your health and wellness, leaving you feeling rejuvenated after each session.

Why Choose the Commercial 489 Medical Spa:

  • Unmatched Medical Endorsement: The only sauna backed by over 48 doctors, offering proven health benefits.
  • Innovative Entertainment: First sauna with a heat-resistant tablet and an immersive audio theater system.
  • Community Building Design: Unique campfire-style seating fosters social wellness among families and friends.
  • Accessibility for Everyone: Features the smoothest ADA-compliant ramp for easy wheelchair access.
  • Energy Efficiency: Superior insulation and construction make it one of the most eco-friendly saunas available.
  • Deep Health Benefits: Our Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™ offers benefits akin to those of running a marathon.
  • Built to Last: Durable construction with thicker materials for a longer lifespan and better sustainability.

    Whats Included


    • Doctor-Backed Wellness: Enhancing blood flow and improving sleep.
    • Heat-Resistant Entertainment Tablet: For immersive movie-watching experiences.
    • Audio Theater System: With 4 speakers for full audio immersion.
    • Campfire-Style Seating: Promoting wellness and community.
    • Smooth X-Large Accessible Ramp™: Ensuring ADA-compliant access.
    • Spacious Interior: 60 inches radius for comfortable mobility.
    • Superior Insulation: Keeping heat in, energy costs down.
    • Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™: Warming the body from within for maximum health benefits.
    • Durable Construction: Using 15% thicker glass and wood panels for sustainability.
    • 2x4 Fortified Wood Framing
    • 10x Reinforced Commercial Grade Floors™
    • 48 Doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, & surgeons branding
    • Soaring Sauna Ceilings™
    • Extra-Long Ergonomic 31-Inch Tall Built-In Backrest; spaciously curved to support your full back
    • 31 Inch Chrome Easy Clean Handle with Washable Cover
    • Safety Auto Shut-Off Timer System
    • 3X Hemlock Walls™
    • Inside & Out Dual Control Panel
    • Easy-Clip Assembly
    • Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Door
    • Heat Resistant Commercial Speakers™
    • Energy Efficient Heating System™
    • Ultra Full Spectrum Heaters™ that heats up 2X Faster
    • Hot/Cold Cleansing System™
    • Oxygen Ion Sanitation System™
    • Medical Detox Routine™
    • Insulated Clean Airflow System™
    • Superior Cool Down System™
    • Bluetooth Functionality
    • 4D Surround Heat Therapy™
    • Omni-Directional Heating™
    • Made for Gyms - Extra Strong, Heavy Users. Benches with Double the Support
    • Red Light Therapy
    • Spacious Interior for Lounging
    • Chromatic Therapy System™
    • Deep Bench Seating for Extra Comfort
    • Heat Resistant Interior Reading Lights™
    • Silent Heating System™
    • The World's First Heat Resistant Android Tablet™
    • On/Off Switch for Each Full Spectrum Heater
    • Double Capacity Stadium Seating
    • 36 Inch Wide Door for Easy Access
    • 4-Hinged, Heavy Duty Commercial Door
    • Enhanced Clean Air Inflow & Outflow Ventilation System™
    • 500lbs Rated Backrests
    • Audio Theater System
    • Campfire Style Seating™
    • Smooth X-Large Accessible Ramp™
    • ADA Compliant 60 Inch Internal Radius
    • Extra-Insulated Airflow System™
    • Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™
    • Extra-Energy Efficient: 15% Thicker Glass & Wood Panels


      Capacity 6-9 People
      Heaters 23
      Weight Capacity 4200 lbs capacity
      Interior Dimensions 106”W x 106"D x 80”H
      Exterior Dimensions 110”W x 110“D x 86”H
      Operating Voltage 240V / 50 amp
      Watts 7050W
      Plug Type TT6-50P
      Weight 1233 lbs.

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