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Enlighten Sauna

Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna

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Estimated Ship Date: Aug 12, 2024 - Oct 21, 2024

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Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna

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Estimated Ship Date: Aug 12, 2024 - Oct 21, 2024

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Experience Unparalleled Wellness with the Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna

Elevate your well-being with the Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna. Crafted for comfort and designed to offer you a rejuvenating escape, this 2-Person Canadian Cedar Outdoor/Indoor Sauna is the perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, and health. Here's why choosing this sauna is the ideal decision:

Why Choose the Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna

  • Compact & Elegant Design: The SIERRA 2 Sauna is beautifully designed, combining compactness with elegance. It's equally at home indoors and outdoors, offering an inviting, affordable retreat that feels like a romantic getaway.

  • Dual User Experience: Share the rejuvenation with a partner. This sauna is thoughtfully designed for two users, ensuring you both enjoy a comfortable and relaxing session, making it perfect for couples.

  • Advanced Heating Technology: Equipped with 2 Full Spectrum and 6 Carbon Heaters, the SIERRA 2 offers an even distribution of soothing heat, ensuring a healing experience without any harmful side effects.

  • Eco-Friendly Canadian Cedar: Both the exterior and interior of the sauna are crafted from real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood. This not only adds to the sauna's aesthetics but also ensures it's eco-certified, non-toxic, and a responsible choice for your well-being.

What's Included

Comes With:

  • Non-Toxic Materials: The SIERRA 2 Sauna is constructed using non-toxic materials, prioritizing your health and safety during every session.

  • Built-In Bluetooth Entertainment: Enjoy your sauna sessions to the fullest with the integrated Bluetooth player, complete with high-quality speakers and compatibility with FM/USB/AUX/MP3, creating the perfect ambiance.

  • Ergonomic Comfort: The built-in ergonomic backrest ensures that you can relax in absolute comfort, making your sauna sessions as enjoyable as possible.

  • Spacious Bench: The sauna features a wider and deeper bench to accommodate your comfort and relaxation needs fully.

  • Digital Control: Customize your sauna experience effortlessly with the user-friendly digital controller. Adjust the temperature and session duration with ease.

  • Adjustable Ventilation: Maintain a pleasant and well-ventilated sauna environment with the adjustable ventilation feature.

  • Ceramic Tile Floor Heater: The sauna floor boasts a ceramic tile heater, adding a touch of luxury and making it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Cup Holder: Keep your beverages within easy reach, ensuring you stay refreshed and hydrated during your relaxation.

  • Safety and Visibility: The double-pane tempered glass ensures safety and visibility while you enjoy your sauna sessions.

  • Interior Lighting: Set the perfect ambiance with soft and inviting inside lights, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Magazine Rack: Keep your reading materials within reach, adding a touch of leisure to your wellness sessions.

  • Towel Rack: Conveniently store your towels to keep you comfortable and dry during and after your sauna sessions.


  • Adjustable Temperature: The SIERRA 2 Sauna offers an adjustable temperature range from 0-149°F, allowing you to create your perfect sauna environment.

  • Heaters Type: With 8 heaters in total, including Low EMF Full Spectrum/Carbon heaters, this sauna ensures an effective and efficient heating experience.

  • Customizable Sessions: Set your sauna sessions with the timer function, which allows you to choose durations ranging from 0 to 60 minutes.

  • Infrared Spectrum: Experience the full infrared spectrum, with Near/Mid IR Wavelength (0 to 5 microns) and Far IR Wavelength (6 to 12 microns) for a holistic wellness experience.

Product Information

Product Guides

Enlighten SIERRA 2 Infrared Sauna Manual


Category Slope
Peak Indoor
Dimensions (W x D x H) 46"W x 46"D x 73"H 46"W x 46"D x 73"H 46"W x 46"D x 73"H
Bench 44" x 22" 44" x 22" 44" x 22"
Dimensions (W x D x H) 50"W x 50"D x 86"H 50"W x 50"D x 96"H 50"W x 50"D x 76"H
Roof Dimensions (W x D) 64"W x 64"D 62"W x 62"D 60"W x 60"D
Number of Boxes 5 Boxes 7 Boxes 7 Boxes
Product Weight 775 lbs
725 lbs 725 lbs
Shipping Weight 825 lbs
775 lbs 775 lbs

Power Usage/Amps Specifications
Adjust. Temp. 0-149°F
Heaters Type Low EMF Full Spectrum/Carbon
Timer 0 - 60 mins
1 separate designated circuit Yes
Amperage 20 Amp minimum, 30 Amp recommended*
Infrared Plug NEMA 5-20p
Voltage 110/120V
Wattage 2250W


Sauna Dimension Scheme


Peak Sauna

Slope Sauna


Indoor Sauna

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