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Saunum AirSolo Sauna Temp & Steam Equalizer

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Estimated Ship Date: Jul 14, 2024 - Jul 17, 2024

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Saunum AirSolo Sauna Temp & Steam Equalizer

Estimated Ship Date: Jul 14, 2024 - Jul 17, 2024

Need help?  Our experts are here to help!

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A Consistent Sauna Experience Like No Other

Step into a redefined sauna ambiance with the Saunum AirSolo Sauna Temp & Steam Equalizer - the groundbreaking evolution in sauna technology you didn't know you needed until now.

Why Choose the Saunum AirSolo?

  • Revolutionized Sauna Bathing: Achieve the desired warmth across the room, ensuring your toes get the same heat as your head.
  • Universal Compatibility: Enhances any electric sauna heater’s performance, giving both high and low bench sitters an unparalleled sauna feel.
  • Health & Beauty Boost: The Himalayan salt spheres not only amplify the room’s ambiance but also project ions for skin health and breathing relief.
  • Elongate Your Sessions: Bask in prolonged sauna times and reap the maximum benefits of every session.

Seize the opportunity to redefine your sauna experience. Invest in Saunum AirSolo today!


  • Compatible with varying sauna sizes
  • Wall-mounted ease of installation
  • Uniform steam temperature guaranteed
  • Three adjustable airflow speeds
  • Skin and respiratory benefits from Himalayan Salt
  • Active sweat induction for detoxification
  • Enables longer sauna sessions


  • Dimensions: 8.89"L x 17.20"W x 70.4"H (with Air Intake Grille: 74.8")
  • Weight: 66.14 lbs.
  • Model Variants: AirSolo 70 (Height: 70.4"), AirSolo 80 (Height: 80.4")
  • Material & Color: Brushed Steel (Anthracite Grey); Glass (Black)
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Safety Guidelines: Ensure 20" distance from any object or body parts in front of the device.
  • Includes:
    • Heat Equalizer
    • Air Transfer Module
    • Air Intake Grille
    • Grille Mounting Bolt
    • Bottom Tray
    • Turn Switch
    • Himalayan Salt Balls: 7 pcs
    • Hanging Strips (2)
    • Installation and Operation Manual
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty (Consumer Use)

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