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Tentsile Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock

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Estimated Ship Date: Jun 19, 2024 - Jun 22, 2024

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Tentsile Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock

Estimated Ship Date: Jun 19, 2024 - Jun 22, 2024

Need help?  Our experts are here to help!

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Safari Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock - Ultimate Group Hammocking

Embark on the ultimate group hammocking adventure with the Safari Trillium XL. As the largest and toughest hammock in the world, it offers unmatched strength and the most fun you can have in the trees.

Why Choose the Safari Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock?

  • Group Bonding: Experience the joy of hammocking together with space for up to 6 adults or 10 kids.
  • Superior Build: Made from durable PU coated, 600D Dacron fabric with reinforced seatbelt webbing.
  • Easy Setup: Simple setup makes it perfect for both hammocking newcomers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Unique Design: Tentsile's anti-roll strap system ensures separate sleeping bays for all occupants.
  • UV Resistant: Rated for 3,500 hours of UV exposure, ensuring lasting durability.


  • Tentsile's unique tensioned anti-roll strap system not only reinforces the base, but creates 3 separate sleeping bays. The straps balance any weight differences and prevent both occupants from rolling towards the middle of the tent or the heaviest person.
  • The hammock is suspended across 3 anchor points which when tensioned create a taut surface to lay on. The hammock has just enough flex to cushion and wrap around your body without sagging too much. This means that unlike a traditional hammock, you can sleep however you like; on your front, back or side. 
  • The Trillium XL was designed to hold 6 adults in complete comfort. However, thanks to the 1200lbs/550kg weight capacity, it can hold 6 adults and 9 kids instead. This makes the Trillium XL perfect for family fun. 
  • The hammock is rated for 1,500UV hours of exposure.
  • With only 3 ratchets, the hammock is straightforward and can be done by a single person - though we'd always recommend having a friend on hand for ease.
  • The Trillium XL comes with 3 underfloor storage compartments, giving you plenty of space to organise and store smaller items.
  • The built-in central access hatch makes climbing onto tent even easier.
    What's In the Box?
    • 1 x Trillium XL 6-Person Hammock Floor (Black Mesh)
    • 3 x 5-Tonne Rated Ratchet
    • 3 x 50mm x 6m Polyester Straps (Orange)
    • 3 x tree protector wraps
    • 1 x manual
    • 1 x bag



      Construction & Materials

      Capacity: 1200lbs
      Unit Weight: 21.81 lbs
      Packed Size: 22" x 9.8" x 9.8"
      Floor Area: 170 Sq.ft
      Floor Dimensions: 19.5' x 19.5' x 19.5'

      Floor Fabric: 240D PU coated Polyester Mesh

      Ratchets & Straps:  3 x 50mm x 6m Straps   
      3 x 5- Tonne Rated Ratchets

      Wraps: 3 x Blue Tree Protector Wraps

      Product Materials


      Tentsile Trillium XL 6-Person Camping Hammock Product Manual


      • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
      • Minimum tree diameter 45cm/18”.
      • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those stated here.
      • Our Tree Tents and Hammocks are not intended to be permanent structures. Each of our products has a UV rating which advises on average how many hours the product can be left out exposed to sunlight. This can vary depending on climate and altitude. If left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time UV degradation will occur, affecting both the colour and strength of your product. Every hour left up unused, is an hour of use lost. Black Mesh rated at 1,500UV hours.
      • Best practice advice is to pack away your Trillium XL hammock after each use, ensuring it is both clean and dry.
      • Please remember, every day your hammock is left up unused, is a day of use lost.

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