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SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit -2 Room Sauna

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Estimated Ship Date: Jun 02, 2024 - Jun 08, 2024

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SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit -2 Room Sauna

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Estimated Ship Date: Jun 02, 2024 - Jun 08, 2024

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Experience Luxury with the Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit

Step into a world of relaxation and wellness with the SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit. This luxurious and spacious 2-room backyard sauna suite, complete with a front porch, is designed to accommodate up to 8 persons. Discover the ultimate outdoor sauna experience that combines imaginative design, top-quality sauna woods, and unmatched comfort.

Why Choose the SaunaLife Model G11?

  • Luxurious Comfort: Indulge in a 2-room layout that includes a changing room and sauna space, ensuring utmost relaxation.
  • Enhanced Airflow: The sauna is ergonomically constructed to support optimal airflow circulation, providing an invigorating experience.
  • Enchanting Design: The whimsical and enchanting design of the G11 enhances your relaxation and complements its natural surroundings.
  • Superior Bench Design: Enjoy the two-tier, L-shaped sauna benching that adds an extra layer of comfort during your sauna sessions.
  • Nature-Inspired: Large round windows and thoughtful design elements allow you to connect with nature while you unwind.


  • Beautiful and Durable Thermo-Spruce Exterior
  • 2-Room Layout with Changing Room and Sauna
  • Ergonomically Constructed for Optimal Airflow
  • Two-Tier, L Shaped Sauna Benching
  • Whimsical Design for Enhanced Relaxation
  • Round Windows for Nature Viewing
  • Lockable Wooden Front Door with Decorative Windows
  • Handcrafted in Northern Europe by SaunaLife


  • Exterior Materials: Thermo-Spruce - Thickness 1.65"
  • Front and Back Wall: Thermo-Spruce - Thickness 1.10"
  • Partition Wall: Thermo-Spruce Cladding on Both Sides - Thickness 0.7"
  • Porch Dimensions: L 22" x W 157" x H 91"
  • Sauna Bench Material: Thermo-Aspen
  • Sauna Backrest Material: Thermo-Aspen
  • Shipping Weight: 3196 lbs (1450 kg)
  • Includes:
    • Full-length Thermo-Pine staves (1.65” thick)
    • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
    • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
    • Front Room benches of Thermo-Pine ( 1“ thick )
    • Terrace Benches and table of thermo pine (1.1“ thick“)
    • Sauna Room Floor grid of Thermo Pine ( 0,7“ Thick)
    • Tempered bronze glass door between front room and sauna room
    • Wooden door with 3 windows ( Standard glass ) – lockable
    •  round window in front wall ( Standard glass )
    • Openable window in back wall
    • Stainless steel barrel bands
    • Black roof shingle kit
    • Extra roofing underlay to go under shingles
    • Spruce cradles, Spruce fascia board
    •  Air intake and exhaust vents
    •  Extra staves (2)
    • Fastener kit

Recommended Heaters

Please note that some of the heaters may require additional items for operation. Please refer to the product page for detailed information.

Amerec Pro Sauna Heater (10.5KW)
Harvia Club K10G
Harvia Virta HL90E
Harvia Cilindro PC90E/ PC90
Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater
Saunum AirSolo Sauna Temp & Steam Equalizer
HUUM Steel 10.5
Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Stove Kit BK
Harvia Legend 150


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