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Simonelli Appia Life

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Estimated Ship Date: Jul 14, 2024 - Jul 17, 2024

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Simonelli Appia Life

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Estimated Ship Date: Jul 14, 2024 - Jul 17, 2024

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Simonelli Appia Life: Elevate Your Espresso Experience

The Simonelli Appia Life espresso machine, a consistent blend of modernity and precision, is crafted for medium to high-volume locations, catering to the demands of discerning professionals. This sophisticated machine builds on the success of its predecessor, the Appia, pushing the limits of performance and productivity, all while embracing a contemporary aesthetic.

Why Choose Simonelli Appia Life?

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A Life Cycle Assessment study revealed a remarkable 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to the Appia II. Benefit from cost savings and environmental consciousness with the new thermal system, optimized mechanical components, and DRYTEX insulation.

  • Semi Automatic Mastery: The Appia Life semiautomatic, our basic model, may lack in some technical features but excels in delivering high-quality espresso. Baristas retain complete control during the extraction process, showcasing their skill in every cup.

  • Volumetric Precision: Ideal for baristas seeking consistent perfection, the Appia Life Volumetric allows programming of desired volumes. Enjoy the luxury of consistently pulling shots at your preferred volume, granting more time for customer interaction or handling additional orders.

  • Volumetric XT Innovation: Introducing the Volumetric XT with a digital display screen. This innovative feature facilitates easier dose programming, shot timers, steam pressure monitoring, accessible cleaning cycles, shot counters, and customizable software settings.

  • Autosteam Convenience: Upgrade to Autosteam and bid farewell to manual steam handles. A simple button replaces complex maneuvers, efficiently heating and shutting off at the correct temperature. The Cool Touch technology ensures safety, preventing burns and milk residue on the wand.

What's Included?


  • 20% energy savings with new thermal system and DRYTEX insulation
  • Semiautomatic control for skilled baristas
  • Volumetric programming for consistent shots
  • Digital display with shot timers, steam pressure view, and more
  • Autosteam with Cool Touch technology for hands-free operation

Product Information


Features & Specs 1 Group 2 Group Compact 2 Group 3 Group
Machine Width 16" 22" 31" 40"
Machine Height 21" 21" 21" 21"
Machine Depth 22" 22" 22" 22"
Boiler Size 5 lt 7.5 lt 11 lt 15 lt
Volts 110 110 or 220 220 220
Watts 1500 1500 3400 5000
Amp Draw 13 13 17 23
Power Input (Nema) 5-15 5-15 / 6-20 6-20 L6-30T
Water Connection Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drain Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autosteam Capable Volumetric Volumetric Volumetric or XT Volumetric
Raised Group Heads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cool Touch Wands Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soft Infusion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Display No No XT No

 Product Guides

Appia Life Brochure
1 Group
2 Group
2-3 Group Parts Book
Product Manual

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